Body Work

From minor dents to complete rebuilds, the skilled craftsmen at Merx Truck and Trailer can assist you with any trailer body repair. Depend on us to make your truck look like new again.

Body work refers to the repair and restoration of a vehicle’s body, including the exterior panels, frame, and structural components. This can involve fixing dents and scratches, replacing damaged parts, and realigning the frame to its original shape. Body work is often necessary after an accident or collision, but it can also be done for cosmetic purposes.

Painting is an important part of body work and involves applying a new coat of paint to the vehicle. This can be done to cover up damage or to change the color of the vehicle. Painting a vehicle involves several steps, including sanding, priming, painting, and clear-coating. We are using high-quality paint and we are applying it properly to ensure a smooth and durable finish.

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